Baked Eggs (in a muffin tin)

I have made these eggs this way for the last two weeks. The first week was right before we were going to move and I needed to use up the last remaining eggs. So we had sausage, egg, cheese, bacon biscuit sandwiches. It was delish! Perfect eggs every time and you can bake them not as long if you like yours runny. Oven temperatures will vary.

Next, I made them the first night I was cooking with my in-laws. They were having a breakfast for dinner sort of night. I baked 15 eggs in muffin tins. My mother-in-law was amazed. She is always cooking for a crowd and when I mentioned this to her, that she can feed a crowd without standing over a hot stove flipping eggs, she was very happy!

First, spray your muffin tin with a little oil. Next, crack your eggs and drop them into the muffin tins. You can sprinkle salt and pepper over them or add any other spices, herbs, flavorings, or mix-ins as you wish! Place into a pre-heated 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes. Depending on how you like your eggs. Then let them cool slightly and pry them out with a fork or a spoon.

IMG_8600 IMG_8789 IMG_8792

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